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MFS Application Sample

MFS can create "light" and "depth" on the surface using the reflexivity of silver. But it's not just coated in silver; we can make exact image you have mirror image and metal with the highest quality.


Motorcycle Related Products

A design as you imagine can be made by changing the color of top coating.


Automobile Exterior Parts

By adjusting the color of top coating, distinctive metallic surface can be made in Chrome, Silver or Titanium tone.

turn signal

Light Reflective Materials

MFS has been recently tested for application on LED and reflective surface of a solar panel.


Repairing of Decorative Goods in Buddhist Temples and Japanese Shinto Shrine with MFS

Gold plating with MFS shines more than real gold!


Half Mirror Finishing

Half mirror coating gives a unique floating image in the design on surface of a material.

plasmon cars

"Plasmon KASYOKU"

It is a new technology in finishing using Surface Plasmon Resonance,transferring bright silver surface, with application of special chemical treatment,into a uniquely reflective deep color that differs from standard MFS's Top Coating color.