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Product Information

We develop and market various new technologies and products in surface coatings and fine decorative paints including a metalized finishing called MFS (Metalize Finishing System), and a hydraulic pressure transcript system called TAS (Top Art System)
We also market "Pro-Z", an anti-mold agent, harmless to human body and environmentally friendly.

MFS(Metalize Finishing System)
MFS is a ground breaking Fine Decorative Paint Technique, changing the appearance of your product into high gross metallic finish. In MFS, we are capable of not only the large industrial volume orders, but also small volume one-off art works and designed crafts. We also sell MFS application unit and special chemicals.

TAS(Top Art System)
TAS is a hydraulic pressure transcript system which enables film transcription onto complicated three dimensional surfaces that is hard to articulate in normal painting or printing. We sell equipments, films, chemical solutions that are necessary for the applicator.

Real Print System
Real Print
This is a technology further evolved from TAS; your favorite designs and pictures are printed on a special sheet with an ink-jet printer and transcribed onto a desired surface.

Anti-Mold Agent
We sell an anti-mold agent, that is harmless to human body and environmentally friendly. We sell only by wholesale.
Retailer may be introduced upon request.

Subcontracting Research and Development
Research and Development
We have been developing various adhesives, fluid & powder paints, painting equipments and systems. If you have special needs in paints and painting applications, please contact us to outsource your product development needs to our dedicated team of professionals.
We have high criteria of special knowledge obtained by the long history of R&D in the field of surface finishing.